Cow to Cone at Marshfield Farm

With artisanal ice cream makers increasingly going above and beyond to satisfy the national love

of high-grade summer indulgences, there has never been a better time to investigate the wares of

one of our favourites, Marshfield Ice Cream.

White Row staff recently visited the farm to partake in their fantastic factory and farm tour

Which, by the way, is an excellent educational visit for your children, especially if they love ice-cream ;)

This family business has been producing real dairy ice cream in the West Country for 30 years.

During this time their award-winning range has grown and grown. Bursting with flavour and full of

textures and tastes – they want you to taste their passion for what they do in every lick, crunch and

satisfying mouthful.

Using no artificial colourings, preservatives or additives all of their ice creams and sorbets are

perfect for the whole family.

The entire Marshfield Farm range of ice creams and sorbets are suitable for vegetarians.

Their entire sorbet range is gluten free and suitable for coeliacs.

And their new fruit pops and entire sorbet range are suitable for vegans.

Plus, all but 5 of their ice cream flavours are gluten free.

Where can you find Marshfield ice creams and sorbets at White Row Farm? Well for a start we have

plenty! Come into the farm shop for a takeaway ice cream cone or pot, we recommend three scoops! Just

to get to try all the flavours of course ;)

Or peruse our freezers and take away 125ml, 500ml or a family sized 1ltr ice cream or sorbet tub.

The cafe are now serving Marshfield ice creams and sorbets and with the wonderful warm spell

that Britain seems to be providing of late this is the perfect opportunity to indulge in a spoonful of

the stuff that just leaves you wanting more.......

Thank you Marshfield, we still can’t decide which is our favourite flavour!