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Eat food that makes you happy & healthy

Yippee! Hello 2023. What New Year's resolutions do you have in your household?

January is often a time for reflection. Many of you will be thinking about what's on your plate, the food you eat and how you can improve your health. Are you trying to eat less red meat or cut down on fats? or perhaps you may even decide to try Veganuary?

Whatever your dietary stance, eating a diet that includes more FRESHLY PICKED HOME GROWN VEG can open the door to a whole new world of recipes where the veg is the true star of the plate.

As farmers we’re always conscious about what we put on our plates and where it comes from. Fresh, tasty, homegrown and locally grown food makes up so much of what we serve at the farm, including all our own pesticide-free veggies straight off our fields. With all this wonderful produce to choose from there are endless ways to explore flavour, texture and different cooking methods that can bring vegetables to life and inspire your cooking repertoire.

For some delicious recipe inspiration head to our Deli, bursting with flavour-packed savoury dishes, as well as our tasty seasonal salads with options to suit ALL. Or take a look at our daily specials board in the cafe where Head Chef Adie produces inventive, inspiring and healthy dishes using all the wonderful veg salad and herbs from the farm. Not forgetting our chippy menu with veggie and vegan staples including our handmade spicy bean burger which continues to be a White Row favourite! And of course our much loved Sunday roast that caters for the most discerning foodies. You'll find our roasts suitable for pescatarians vegetarians and meat eaters... and who doesn't love our glorious veggie nut roast with cider and mushroom gravy?

If we can’t grow it at the farm then we buy it as locally as possible, keeping food miles low and quality and freshness at its best before it reaches our lovely customers.

Whether you are partaking in Veganuary or just looking to have a healthy and tasty start to the year with lots of fresh produce, we have so many choices that suit all your dietary needs whilst tickling those all-important taste buds! After all, we all love food - it is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

We are open 7 days a week. You can find our opening times here

and our menus here.


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