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Let's get wordy! We sow, grow, weed, water, tend, cut, dig, prune, pick, pull, feed, forage, raise, nurture, collect, harvest, wash, prep, cook, bake, boil, fry, sell. Only at the farm for the farm.


We don’t sell or use any of our produce anywhere else but here at White Row and that's what makes us unique. Supporting over 80 artisan makers, farmers, growers, suppliers and our local community is the heart of our ethos.



Fresh bread, milk, White Row eggs and veg everyday single day of the year. Hampers with anything that you love hand tied ready to collect. Beers, ciders, spirits & wines aplenty as well as soft drinks and fresh juices. Chilled, frozen or food cupboard basics, puddings, tea & coffee hot drinks, cereals biscuits crackers and nuts.


Stock up your cupboards with table sauces, dressings, condiments and world foods. Not forgetting to select from our wonderful selection of dried pasta, rice, crisps, sauces, jams spreads and local honey.


Fancy something sweet? Our confectionery section is packed full of local chocolates, toffee, fudges, boxed chocolates, traditional sweets and nougats.


Get seasonal with us, and you will always find our seasonal displays bursting with colour and choice, no rush, take an enjoyable peruse around our store. We think we have your food shop covered. All gathered in one place to create unashamed luxury.


Let us help you discover something new…



Fresh vegetables straight from our fields every single day of the year.


Seasonal summer fruits and home grown herbs.

When we started out, one of our main objectives was to be the producer of as much of what we sold as possible. This remains very much at the heart of our ethos. Everything we sow, grow, weed, water, tend, cut, dig, prune, pick, nurture, harvest, wash and prep is exclusively for our own farm shop customers, we do not sell our

produce anywhere but at the farm.

Did you know that we supply all of our fish and chip shop potatoes?


Field to fork we are the only chippy in area that does this, we grow food that is of excellent quality, which we harvest at the peak of its maturity to ensure that customers are getting the best possible flavour and nutritional value. Secondly, we grow our food using small-scale, sustainable farming methods without the use of any synthetic chemicals.