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Let’s talk lettuce!

As we are fast approaching the official start of summer and the weather proceeds to get brighter and the evenings warmer, let's talk lettuce! Lots of the homegrown green stuff!

(don't worry, we have plenty of naughty summer treats like our Marshfield ice cream counter in the Farm Shop)

Our polytunnels are full, a superfood known for its vibrant colours and crisp leaves.

It truly is seed to crop and then crop to shop!

We're very proud of our homegrown here at White Row Farm. Our farmers, Steve and Ian, sow seeds in pots and others in the ground. Our potted lettuce seeds take

It takes around a month to grow before going into the soil. It then takes a further four to six weeks until the salad is ready to harvest.

We have over five different varieties of salad growing on our farm this season. Each with its own unique flavours and texture. Some of our favourites include; red and green Oak leaf, Little Gem lettuce, Mizuna and Rocket. As well as our popular mixed salad!

Harvested when needed, washed, bagged, and ready to go straight into our Farm Shop.

Absolutely Zero food miles!!

Whether you pair it with something from our Butchers, Fishmongers, or Deli, our salad is the perfect fresh addition to any meal.

Why not mix some herbs or drizzle over our new Bread Dipper flavoured oils?

However you choose to enjoy yours, make sure you share your favourite salad recipe with us. Tag us on Instagram @whiterowfarmshop


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