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A Friend’s Table: Join Us for a Lunchtime Get-Together!

A Friend’s Table: Join Us for a Lunchtime Get-Together!

Are you interested in meeting new people over lunch? We’ve noticed that many of our regular customers often sit alone, so we’ve decided to create a ‘Friend’s Table’ specifically for those aged 55 and over. It’s the perfect opportunity to socialize and make new friends in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our next meet-up will be on Wednesday, 5th June, starting at 12 noon. We’ll be hosting a table for 8-10 people, providing a wonderful opportunity to connect and enjoy a pleasant meal together. Whether you’re a regular visitor or it’s your first time at our cafe, you’ll find a friendly face waiting for you.

You can find us just outside Beckington, at BA11 6TN. Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by our cafe staff, who will be on hand to seat you and ensure you feel comfortable and at ease. It’s a great chance to step out of your usual routine and enjoy some delightful company.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please call 01373 831694 to book your spot at our ‘Friend’s Table’. Don’t miss out on this chance to make new friends and enjoy a lovely lunch together. Come and say hello—we’d love to meet you!


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