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Lunch on the go? Coffee on the move?

We're asking you to remember to bring your refillable water bottles when visiting with your little ones whilst using our play areas.

How often do you use your refillable water bottle?

Besides, refillable water bottles can promote better hydration for your little ones, as carrying them with you can encourage them to drink more.

Did you know our play areas have a 'no-glass' policy? If you plan on letting them have a good run around, especially in bare feet, then we'd like to ensure they can do so freely.

There's nothing like getting the sand pit sand in their toes!

Plastic bottles and cups are also discouraged. We all know plastic bottled water is unsustainable from manufacture through to disposal.

Come and find us in our White Row Cafe and ask for a refill of your bottles on the go, and what's more, it's totally free!!

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