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From the Shores to our Shop

Hello! Things have been getting interesting at our Fishmonger counter and we are so excited to announce the changes! 

A lot of the boats and larger fish markets we have previously traded with are either not open, not going out to sea OR simply do not have enough restaurants buying their catch. Fish wholesalers are also currently not doing business, and that has limited our supply of gorgeously fresh fish at times in recent weeks. 

So, we decided to head over to Brixham indoor fish market ourselves and see what we can rustle up! We’ve been talking to some of the local Fisherman and we’re so excited to share that WE’VE GOT SOME BOATS GOING OUT! Just to get some lovely fresh from the sea fish for you! 

We’re going direct, meaning not only can we continue getting very fresh fish, but it’s directly supporting individuals in their small businesses. That also means we are able to pass on any savings that we make to you!

It does mean that we go old school and have ANYTHING that the boat brings in...but we think that’s what fishing should be all about; limiting over fishing of fad catches, keeping the fish counter interesting and encouraging our customers to try some new and exciting things. It’s all weather dependant, tasty and the best fish you’ll find anywhere around.... in our humble opinion! 

So, if you fancy getting your hands on some bloomin’ good fish, come in and talk to the Fishmongers or give them a call ahead of your visit on 01373 831641


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