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In the Fields

Our farmers have been busy at work planting in the fields and poly tunnels the last few weeks, preparing all our salads, cabbages and other brassica for harvesting later this year. Increased demand for local and truly scrumptious produce in these strange times has meant our farmers have been working around the clock to keep our Farm Shop stocked, and Farm Shop Boxes packed with White Row produce.

All our Farm-grown produce is used exclusively for the Farm, reducing food miles and keeping produce fresh & local. We’ve also increased the acreage of our potato fields, planting more of the potatoes our White Row customers know and love.

A little rain and a lot of sunshine is on the cards for the coming weeks, and we know our incredible outside staff will be thanking their lucky stars for it! They are out come rain or shine (but they're happier in the shine!)

As long as Steve's tractor keeps chugging, we will continue to sow and grow, reap and sell the very best produce.

You can’t feed the nation working from home!


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