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udderly fantastic fresh organic milk from our new milk dispenser!

We are delighted to have partnered with Ivy House Farm in Beckington to offer our customers the freshest organic Jersey milk from the heart of Somerset. Our shiny new milk dispenser offers access to locally farmed fresh milk, available to dispense into an environmentally friendly, refillable glass bottle. Customers can purchase a 75cl bottle from the farm shop for £1 and fill it for £1.30. The cleaned bottle can then be used for refills.

Ivy House Farm is a local family business, home to 120 cows that are reared and cared for to the highest standards. The farm has been fully certified organic for over 20 years, where the cows are free to graze the rich green pastures in the warmer months, and during the winter they are fed homegrown organic silage. The herd is free of antibiotics and hormones, ensuring the milk they produce is as pure and natural as possible, as well as being deliciously creamy.

Did you know Ivy House Farm proudly displays the Royal Warrant seal of approval on their produce? If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for us!

How to use our milk dispenser

Simply pick up a glass bottle next to the milk dispenser in our farm shop, fill up your glass bottle and take it to the cashier who will date stamp the bottle and process your payment. When you have finished your milk, clean and sterilise your glass bottle and refill it at the milk dispenser during your next visit to the farm shop.

This simple process offers a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to buy your milk, reducing food miles and plastic waste, whilst supporting our local farmers.

Udderly fantastic!


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