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British Pie Week 2020

It’s been said we’re a nation of pie lovers... and we’re inclined to agree! That’s why we work so hard to make sure our pies are the bee’s knees.

Made here at the farm by our talented White Row chefs, our pies are a firm favourite with our customers. Using a combination of Farm-grown and locally sourced ingredients keeps our pies tasting amazing, whilst supporting our fantastic suppliers!

Come and try some of our ready made Deli pies, like steak & ale, chicken & mushroom and salmon en croute. Or pop over to our Fishmonger freezers to grab a homemade fish pie to pop in the oven— the ideal, easy weeknight meal!

Our Butchers have some wonderfully tasty lamb or beef mince mince available, so come and grab some to make a warming homemade shepherd’s pie for all the family. However, if cooking isn’t on the agenda, head into the Chippy or Restaurant to try our shin of beef pie in a sumptuous, buttery pastry! It’s fast becoming one of White Row's favourites!

All of the meat used for ours pies is locally sourced and home made! Now THAT'S something worth talking about !

Please do get in touch with our Butchers, Fishmonger or Deli if you have questions about any of our fabulous pies, all numbers can be found on our home page.


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