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Indulge in White Row Farm's February Sandwich offer for a Culinary Carnival of Tantalizing Flavours!

Updated: Jan 25

Bite-sized bliss, big on flavour – our sandwiches are a feast for the senses!

Greetings, fabulous foodies! We're back with exciting news that will tickle your taste buds and set your appetite on fire. Brace yourselves because the White Row Farm shop deli sandwich offer IS BACK, and it's more scrumptious than ever! Prepare to embark on a delectable journey throughout February, where Mondays and Tuesdays will be your official passport to sandwich nirvana.

A symphony of flavours, all neatly wrapped up in a Hobbs House Bakery bread hug – that's what our sandwiches are all about. And guess what? During the entire month of February, on Mondays and Tuesdays, you can indulge in these taste explosions ALL for just *£2.75!!

But wait, there's more! Our sandwiches are not just sandwiches; they're edible works of art crafted with love and care. Each bite is a celebration of freshness, as all our creations are made from scratch using the finest ingredients.

So, what's on the menu, you ask? Well, the real question is, what isn't? We've got everything from classic combinations that'll transport you down memory lane to innovative creations that'll make your taste buds do the tango. And if you can't find your dream sandwich on the board, worry not, just ask !

 Enjoy our selection of freshly made sandwiches at the generously discounted price of £2.75 per sandwich from the deli counter and fridge *(T&Cs apply). Mark your calendars, set those reminders, and make sure you don't miss out on this sandwich extravaganza.

In a rush? You can pre-order your favourite sandwich by phoning the deli on 01373 830702.

Join us at White Row Farm for a sandwich soiree that will make your taste buds sing!

*Ts & Cs :

  • This offer is available from our White Row Farm Shop Deli only.

  • Offer available only on Mondays & Tuesdays throughout February only.

  • Why wait? For orders of 10 or more please ring 2 hours before collection on 01373 830702.

  • This offer does not include baguettes.

  • This offer is subject to availability.

  • We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

  • This offer does not include baguettes.

  • Please note these sandwiches are take-away only and cannot be eaten within our Cafe.


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