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Let them eat cake…

We thought an introduction to our two wonderful bakers, Jess and Emily, was overdue! They’ve been working collectively at White Row Farm for 9 Years, creating the delicious baked goods you know and love on our Deli counter. From our most popular chocolate brownie, bread and butter pudding, custard slice and our much-loved cheesecake specialities… These girls can do it all!

Jess and Emily enjoyed baking with their mums as children and immensely loved all things creative, including these new delight, Biscoff and Nutella cookie pie!!!

But did you know that Jess and Emily bake custom cakes for any occasion?!

Our brilliant bakers have recently baked cakes for events such as; wakes, baby showers/ gender reveals, wedding anniversaries and many birthdays with upcoming orders including graduation, christening and wedding.

If you would like to talk to one of our bakers about an upcoming event you have, you can call them on 01373 830702 or email

It’s time to have some fun with Jess and Emily in a round of ‘This or That’ baking edition!

Butter Icing or Fondant -

Jess - Butter Icing

Emily - Butter Icing

Cake or Cup Cake -

Jess - Cake

Emily - Cake

Hundreds and Thousands or Chocolate Sprinkles -

Jess - Hundred and thousands

Emily - Chocolate Sprinkles

Fruit or Chocolate -

Jess - Chocolate

Emily - Chocolate

Brownie or Blondie -

Jess - Brownie

Emily - Brownie

If you haven't already noticed they are both huge fans of chocolate and share similar tastes. This might be why they make such a good team in the kitchen and a joy to have in the Farm Shop.

To see what’s fresh out of the kitchen follow us on Instagram @whiterowfarmshop and Tik Tok @whiterowfarmshop

Four weeks' notice is required for custom occasions cakes. (For a shorter lead time, please speak to our Bakers) on 01373 830702


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