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Tasting Day - 8th June, 11am - 5pm

It’s here, your favourite!

Whether you're a carnivore, plant-based eater, fish lover or chilli head come and see what the farm

has to offer, with a huge focus on provenance and supporting local come and find us on the 8th

June and taste away!

Nibble on nuts, sip cider or salivate over the amount of cheese we have! Whether you are a craft

beer connoisseur or an ice cream addict we think we’ve got it covered.

The ultimate aim is always, quite simply, to have a brilliant time. Food brings everyone together,

we invite you, family and friends to come along and see us at the farm, it really is a wonderful day

to just chat with us and our suppliers, it’s amazing what you can learn and who you can meet.

As always, our own butchers, deli and mongers will be handing out tasters, and of course there

will be plenty of offers available. A perfect chance to stock up on the brands that you love!

Feel free to ask questions, make it a greater experience we do love to chat.

See you on the 8th June.

From everyone at the Farm


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