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To name but a few.....

Over the past 20 years WRF has developed a store that combines the abundance of fresh

seasonal produce alongside a wealth of produce sourced from local suppliers. As customers grow

more wary of large-scale supermarkets, we strive to be friendlier, serve better quality produce and

support the community as much as possible. After all, we are a farm ourselves and supporting the

community has always been part of farming.

We regularly talk about new tasting and suppliers, we see many new brands and products and

have always been struck by the imaginative use of abundant local produce.

Who supplies us? Well we have currently in store approximately over 80 wonderful producers.

From everything to store cupboard basics to world foods.

Ivy House Farm delivers fresh organic milk cream and butter daily . You can even meet their cows!

Hobbs House Bakery is also a true family business established in the cotswolds in the 1920’s with

5 generations of bakers. Delivering hand made bread fresh inshore to our farm shop & cafe. ‘Born

with flour on their fingers!”

Fussels, process and produce amazing award winning single cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed

oil within walking distance to the farm. Making fine foods, finer.

Milk Street Brewery A wonderful brewing team extremely talented and knowledgeable brewers

that pride themselves on the highest quality beers. Somerset has a good, consistent, hard water

supply which is the best for brewing.

We are looking forward to sharing so SO many more suppliers with you, if you would like us to

include you on our blog and are currently stocked at the farm get in touch… lets keep talking…


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