Hobbs House Bakery

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

We are coming up to our tenth year working with Whiterow Farmshop. They have triumphed our

bread since the start, with a large variety of our handmade bread and morning goods available in

the farmshop and cafe.

For us, a fifth generation family business it’s perfect to work with a long established family of

farmers who share the same values. Our ultimate dream is to be able to produce a loaf that is made with flour grown at Whiterow.

Overnight dough

You can’t rush good bread. We love using the traditional ‘overnight’ method of baking which was

passed down to us from our grandparents. Historically the bread was left to rise overnight whilst

the bakers slept. Our bakers now work through the night but we find this method of using less

yeast and allowing the bread to ferment for longer, gives an added depth of flavour and texture.


At Hobbs House Bakery we love sourdough. Our bakers produce a variety of loaves, many of

which are risen with our 63 year old Sourdough Starter. Each year we run a “King of The

Sourdough” competition where we invite home bakers to share their weekly bakes to compete for

the title of King or Queen of The Sourdough.


We try to be conscious of our ‘Flour Footprint’, supporting everything we do with ethical and

sustainable principles. Part of that means working alongside the Soil Association to ensure our

organic breads meet their high standards. 95% of our flour is sourced from our local mill, Shipton


Join us on November 28th at White Row farms annual taste off. We look forward to sharing with

you a small taste of Hobbs. Pumpernickel, organic seeded sourdough, stout and rosemary and the

nutcracker. Why not taste something different?