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What a wonderful year!

Our fields are growing, and we’ve grown too - we have a fantastic new butchery, we’ve expanded our kitchens, and we have a new team of chefs who are more passionate than ever about using more of our seasonal home grown produce. Our new menus now include more options for the vegan and veggie diners amongst you, as well as those of you who have to be careful about food allergies. Our chippy now offers entirely gluten-free and vegetarian options cooked in a separate fryer!

This Christmas we are opening both of our restaurants for some traditional (and not so traditional!) festive feasts. Both the cafe and the fish and chip shop have wonderful menus as well as our evening restaurant. As usual you’ll be able to go online and download menus, as well as order forms for veg boxes and hampers. You can also find details of how to order your favourites from our deli, fishmongers & butchers (we like to do this the old-fashioned way and ask you to order in-store (download your form online). This way you get to see (and maybe even taste!) all that we have to offer, and we get to meet all of you! Be sure to take a look at our website for details of all we have on offer at the farm this Christmas.

We really would like to say a great big festive thank you to all of our customers, staff, friends and suppliers. We are ever more proud to be able to offer such a wonderful selection of home grown, home made, and local produce all under one roof. Thank you for your continued support.

Wishing you the very merriest Christmas, and a happy new year.

Steve, Heather & the White Row team


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